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Emerging Markets Investing Summit 2011

Organizer: IGlobal Forum
Start: Wed, Jan 19, 2011 07:30 GMT
End: Wed, Jan 19, 2011 17:30 GMT
Price: $999
569 Lexington Avenue (at 51st Street),
New York City,
United States
Phone: Tel: (212) 752-7000
Fax: Fax: (212) 753-7253

Welcome to iGlobal Forum’s Emerging Markets Summit 2011: BRIC and Beyond! The Summit will explore lucrative new opportunities for institutional investors in emerging markets— the BRIC countries of Brazil, Russia, India and China as well as new markets such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Turkey, Africa, and Chile among others.

In search of yield and attracted by rapid economic growth in emerging economies, many institutional investors are increasing their allocations to these markets. Large institutions are expanding their direct presence while smaller ones are using exchange-traded funds as a low-cost means of increasing their exposure. Investors are diversifying within the emerging markets space, moving beyond basic equities to invest in fixed income securities, private equity and infrastructure investments.

Even so, most U.S. institutions are still woefully underweight in emerging markets as a percentage of their portfolios. This Summit will help to unravel the mysteries of investing in these markets. We’ll identify the most promising investment opportunities from a risk vs. reward perspective. We’ll scan the global marketplace for opportunities in BRIC emerging and frontier markets: which regions and sectors have the greatest potential? What are the inherent risks—geopolitical, economic, cultural, structural, regulatory, liquidity, transparency, currency—of investing in these nascent markets, and how can these risks be hedged or otherwise mitigated? What investment vehicles are available and appear most attractive?

iGlobal Forum’s Emerging Markets Summit 2011: BRIC and Beyond will bring together some of the best minds in the emerging market arena—leading institutional investors, asset and portfolio managers, private equity and hedge fund managers, government and political advisors and academics—to weigh in on these issues. Attendees will benefit from a full day of networking, panel discussions, and insightful presentations at iGlobal Forum’s Emerging Markets Summit: BRIC & Beyond. We look forward to greeting you in New York in January!

Key topics to be covered:

1. BRICs & Beyond: What do emerging and frontier markets offer investors?

2. Currency implication in investment portfolio returns

3. Economic outlook for investing in emerging markets

4. Private equity activity in emerging and frontier markets

5. Fixed income and infrastructure investing: the current climate

6. Analyzing individual emerging market country performance

7. International finance trends in alternative emerging markets

8. Long-term investing solutions in frontier and emerging markets

9. Dynamic debate: weighing the pros & cons of Investing in emerging markets

10.Plus, a post-conference workshop: CIVETS—Profiting from a New Species of Frontier Markets


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